Would you Adam and Eve It…?

I don’t believe what I’ve just heard. The Cap’n and The Mariner (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) thought I was a GIRL!!! 

Gob. Smacked. All I’ve ever done is rufty-tufty boy stuff. I’ve helped The Cap’n mend the engine, I’ve climbed trees, I’ve been swimming in the ocean and everything. And this is my fiercesome warrior look that showed those dogs I meant business. It’s hardly a girls’ look, now, is it?

Honestly, The Cap’n and The Mariner, love ’em to bits, but honestly……


About Tiller's Tale

I was abandoned as a tiny kitten in Curacao, rescued by The Cap'n and The Mariner, and now live on their boat, sharing their adventures.
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5 Responses to Would you Adam and Eve It…?

  1. Derek says:

    They obviously didn’t pay enough attention in lessons at school, eh Tiller ? !

  2. Hm. As far as I know that _is_ a girl’s look but then I’m not a cat. 😉

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