A Red Carpet Moment

I’ve been nominated for an award! Twice on the same day!

Thank you to two lovely bloggers, Jo at  woodandrope and ‘the guys’ from hutchagoodlife, for nominating me for this lovely award – I’m really touched. Thank you both.

In return I would like to nominate some of my favourite blogs for “The Versatile Blogger Award”:

Domestic Diva MD – my very first follower – you never forget your first. Yummy recipes! 

DLCS management – art and culture, food and nature from Holland to Croatia.

Sunny Sleevez – safe fun in the sun – important in hot climates.

Look Around You Now – sees ‘all the curious things’, featuring Manual Mondays.

The Ranting Chef – he likes to cook, he likes to rant. Lovely foodie photos.

Wazeau’s World – cats and parrots and parrots and cats.

Rumpy Dog – lovely rescue cats and dogs, telling their own tales.

And of course, not forgetting seashore-creative Wood And Rope and the piggies of Hutch a Good Life.

About Tiller's Tale

I was abandoned as a tiny kitten in Curacao, rescued by The Cap'n and The Mariner, and now live on their boat, sharing their adventures.
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7 Responses to A Red Carpet Moment

  1. woodandrope says:

    Love you Tiller 🙂

  2. rumpydog says:

    Thanks so much Tiller! So… given any more thought to being a guest on my blog? I have a guest tomorrow so you can see how it works.

  3. Wow. I’m speechless. Thank you! (I am also reminded of Manual Monday before it’s Thursday again so thanks for that too.)

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination!

  5. It’s a pleasure, you’re very welcome!

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