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Tiller the Sailing Cat

This was back in the early days when I was getting my sea legs and The Mariner was teaching me stuff like climbing. Can’t quite make out what tune she’s humming though – the theme to Mission Impossible? If you … Continue reading

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Tiller’s New Talent

Hmm, I wonder… Yep, climbing a mosquito screen is easy. It’s the getting down again that’s not so straightforward… .

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Up a Tree (again)

No idea what The Cap’n wants me to look at – I’m more interested in getting up that tree. So’s The Cap’n, if truth be known.  

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Just Hanging Around

Me and The Cap’n love to climb trees. This lovely almond tree had fallen into the water, but kept on growing. It just had to be climbed. No prizes for guessing who gets the highest. Spot the small ginger bendy one…

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