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Row, Row, Row MY Boat…

Just a brief ‘hello’ while we’re hunkering down for the hurricanes. I’ve been sent the loveliest present by the very creative Jo at Woodandrope who has made me my very own personalised boat! She makes other brilliant sea-shore-inspired things too, take a look at her store. … Continue reading

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Not Quite Gone Yet!

This is an unexpected extra post, thanks to Jo at Woodandrope whose lovely fluffy ginger cat, Oliver, is a big fan of Tillers Tale and reads it himself every day. Only, he’s a bit in the wars right now due to … Continue reading

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Tiller the Swimming Cat

It’s with a heavy heart I bid my farewell for now. I’ll hopefully be back in November when The Cap’n and The Mariner return for more adventures on the boat with me. A big THANK YOU for joining me on my … Continue reading

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Night Clubbing

Even though The Cap’n and The Mariner would love me to go home with them, they realise that the large concrete city they live in, with its cars, busy roads and urban foxes, wouldn’t be an ideal environment for me. They’ll both be … Continue reading

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Putting the World to Rights

I know my record with drink hasn’t been too good – I can’t hold it basically – but I do like to join the customers at the bar of the hotel, just to make sure I’m not missing out. We talk about … Continue reading

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Just Good Friends

That’s odd. Just two days ago I thought Desa was the hottest thing on paws, but today…well, she’s lovely and everything, but I’d rather just be friends. I don’t even fancy the cushions anymore – today they’re just soft furnishings. What’s that … Continue reading

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In the Immortal Words of Bill Withers…

Just the two of us, We can make it if we try, Just the two of us. Just the two of us, Building castles in the sky, Just the two of us, You and I.

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