Room at the Inn?

As I’m getting on so well with the lovely Desa, maybe there’s a chance I could stay here while The Cap’n and The Mariner go back home. There’s plenty of space for one extra cat…

… and I’ll still be near the water, which has become my second home.


The hotel guests seem to like me too.

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Just Good Friends

That’s odd. Just two days ago I thought Desa was the hottest thing on paws, but today…well, she’s lovely and everything, but I’d rather just be friends. I don’t even fancy the cushions anymore – today they’re just soft furnishings. What’s that all about?

Frankly, I’m more excited about this lovely view. I mean just look at it! 

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Now You See ‘Em, Now You Don’t

Don’t remember much about yesterday. We were in the bus, we were in the vets…then…all went kind of misty. And numb. And it was a rubbish hair cut because I look exactly the same.

However…well, something’s not quite the same. I can’t put my paw on quite what, though.

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On the Road…Again

And we’re back on the road again. Think I might be going for a haircut, as they’ve been making subtle scissor-action gestures since we left the Vista Rio. They don’t think I’ve noticed though, so it’s obviously meant as a surprise – ha! I’ll have the last laugh.

This is us on the Collectivo mini bus…

Reckon they must have mended my travelling basket again. I don’t mind it really. In fact I don’t mind anything today, all I can think about is my lovely Desa.

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In the Immortal Words of Bill Withers…

Just the two of us,

We can make it if we try,

Just the two of us.

Just the two of us,

Building castles in the sky,

Just the two of us,

You and I.

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Pushing Brooms

Getting fed up with all this cleaning malarkey. The Cap’n’s trying to teach me the dustpan and brush.

But I’m really not bothered. As soon as his back’s turned, my mind wanders off and all I can think of is my lovely Desa…


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In the Immortal words of Donna Summer…

…I feel love, I feel love, I feel love, I feel love, I feel luh-huhve. Can’t stop thinking about Desa; her eyes, her ears, her paws…my heart’s going thumpety-thump, I’m tying myself in knots here.

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