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Night Fishing

And it’s back to the night games – seeing how many flying fish leap out of the sea and hurl themselves over the boat, only to not quite make it. Ah, shame. Scrummy though.   Advertisements

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New Friends

I’ve got some new friends. Cat friends. They live on a large fishing boat with a REALLY impressive kitchen. Bet they can get LOADS of food made in there! Unfortunately one of them gets a bit seasick, so, while they’re under … Continue reading

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Cool Kitty

It’s a bit hot in these parts so I try and find cool places to rest. The fridge seems the best place… …until I get shouted at. Well, if they do leave the lid open…

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I wait, and I wait, and then they come back loaded with bags full of goodies. Is there anything for me…is there? (See my tail – that’s how I ask them the question – clever, huh?) And there’s loadsa stuff…but is … Continue reading

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Thirsty Work

Seem to be a bit thirsty today. Can’t get enough of this wet stuff. Can’t remember much about yesterday either.

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Just a Little Drinkie

Wass madder wi mee…carnseem to stannup…stuffs movin’ bluuury…oh hedspin…hedspinnin’ roun’…liedown…phnnff

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Here Fishy Fishy

When we arrive somewhere new after a long sail we always need to stock up on food. But sometimes I can luck out in-between-times with a flying fish that shoots up out of the water and lands on deck. This … Continue reading

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