Row, Row, Row MY Boat…

Just a brief ‘hello’ while we’re hunkering down for the hurricanes. I’ve been sent the loveliest present by the very creative Jo at Woodandrope who has made me my very own personalised boat! She makes other brilliant sea-shore-inspired things too, take a look at her store.

I don’t know anyone good at Photoshop, so please excuse the amateurish image, but this is what I’d probably look like with it.

Spot the ginger cat scaling the mast – how brilliant is this?! The Mariner will bring it back out here in November for me. Thank you everso much Jo ❤

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Not Quite Gone Yet!

This is an unexpected extra post, thanks to Jo at Woodandrope whose lovely fluffy ginger cat, Oliver, is a big fan of Tillers Tale and reads it himself every day. Only, he’s a bit in the wars right now due to a poorly paw (self inflicted) as he likes to chew his own foot, hence the cone.

OLIVER! If you’re reading this, stop that at once!!

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Tiller the Swimming Cat

It’s with a heavy heart I bid my farewell for now. I’ll hopefully be back in November when The Cap’n and The Mariner return for more adventures on the boat with me. A big THANK YOU for joining me on my adventures at sea – from my rescue as a tiny starving kitten, to meeting new friends, to having big adventures – it’s been lovely having you along for the ride.

Before I leave, I’d just like to share with you what I consider to be my finest moment, when a carefully positioned beach towel solved a problem that had long been bugging us. (It was filmed before they realised I was a boy, so just ignore the ‘good girl’ comments.)

So, bye for now, I hope you will all keep following so you’ll know when we’re back ‘on air’.  Tiller xx

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Tiller the Sailing Cat

This was back in the early days when I was getting my sea legs and The Mariner was teaching me stuff like climbing. Can’t quite make out what tune she’s humming though – the theme to Mission Impossible?

If you want to view again, go to the rewind button in the bottom left corner.

Please do come back to visit for one final SPECIAL post tomorrow, when I will bid my fond farewells…

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Adios, but not Goodbye (just yet)

So it’s been decided I shall stay here, and now the dreaded time has come. The Cap’n and The Mariner have packed their bags, secured the boat and are ready to leave. They are happy that I will be taken good care of by J and J who run the hotel, and will be better off living here, by the river, with them and Desa, than being carted across the world to live in a big concrete city.

Saying all that, it’s still going to be emotional, so I’ll just watch them from afar… got to be brave…

…there they go.

They tell me not to worry, they’ll be back in November. I’m a cat. I have no concept of November. Maybe it’s sooner than I think….?

PS – look out for tomorrow, all being well (ie. if we can cope with technology) there should be an extra special post!

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Night Clubbing

Even though The Cap’n and The Mariner would love me to go home with them, they realise that the large concrete city they live in, with its cars, busy roads and urban foxes, wouldn’t be an ideal environment for me. They’ll both be out at work most days, so I’d be inside going stir crazy. Plus there’s no sea for miles so how would I get my swimming practice in?!

So they’re delighted that I get along with Desa and seem to be quite at home with her at the hotel. We’ve even had sleepovers just to test our bond of friendship. They think we’re sleeping, but we’re actually running round exploring all night…

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Putting the World to Rights

I know my record with drink hasn’t been too good – I can’t hold it basically – but I do like to join the customers at the bar of the hotel, just to make sure I’m not missing out.

We talk about all sorts of thought-provoking stuff. Can’t tell you what though, top secret.

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Room at the Inn?

As I’m getting on so well with the lovely Desa, maybe there’s a chance I could stay here while The Cap’n and The Mariner go back home. There’s plenty of space for one extra cat…

… and I’ll still be near the water, which has become my second home.


The hotel guests seem to like me too.

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Just Good Friends

That’s odd. Just two days ago I thought Desa was the hottest thing on paws, but today…well, she’s lovely and everything, but I’d rather just be friends. I don’t even fancy the cushions anymore – today they’re just soft furnishings. What’s that all about?

Frankly, I’m more excited about this lovely view. I mean just look at it! 

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Now You See ‘Em, Now You Don’t

Don’t remember much about yesterday. We were in the bus, we were in the vets…then…all went kind of misty. And numb. And it was a rubbish hair cut because I look exactly the same.

However…well, something’s not quite the same. I can’t put my paw on quite what, though.

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