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Pushing Brooms

Getting fed up with all this cleaning malarkey. The Cap’n’s trying to teach me the dustpan and brush. But I’m really not bothered. As soon as his back’s turned, my mind wanders off and all I can think of is my lovely … Continue reading

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The Cap’n’s Little Helper

That’s me! I help out with mending stuff… …and I’m in charge of exploring small places.

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Clean Kitty

Licking’s all very well and good, but a dip in the bathroom sink spruces me up nicely. Could do with opposable thumbs to deal with these taps though.   Whoops…

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Tiller’s New Talent

Hmm, I wonder… Yep, climbing a mosquito screen is easy. It’s the getting down again that’s not so straightforward… .

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Rug Love

I just LOVE this rug thing – you can get underneath it and everything!

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Thirsty Work

Seem to be a bit thirsty today. Can’t get enough of this wet stuff. Can’t remember much about yesterday either.

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Just a Little Drinkie

Wass madder wi mee…carnseem to stannup…stuffs movin’ bluuury…oh hedspin…hedspinnin’ roun’…liedown…phnnff

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